Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Go Occupy Yourself This Christmas

For the last few weeks, the news has focussed on the Occupy Wall Street/Sydney/Melbourne/Where Ever Else Movement.

To give a dumbed down version of the philosophy behind Occupy Sydney, people are trying to reclaim power from the super-rich 1% of the population by sitting in Martin Place with placards. Effective . . . . . . .

Oh, there are so many things that bug me about Occupy Sydney Movement as well as the Movement in general.

Firstly, I hate the fact that the “protestors” yell at corporate types like myself on my way to work because I am wearing a suit and therefore I must embody everything that is evil in this world (well... I actually do, but for entirely different reasons). 

The truth is I gave up 6 years of my life to study at university whilst my other friends worked menial jobs and went out drinking every weekend. I still make sacrifices to work the hours that I do (mainly sleep, social life and putting off breeding for as long as possible). People like me made sacrifices to get where we are and that is why motivated, commercial minded people are running the world- not the Arts students.

So protestors, if you are going to judge a book by its cover, first spend a day in my (fabulous but painful) shoes.

The other thing that really bugs me about Occupy Sydney, is that the “protestors” are “protesting” in their mass-produced clothing. At least the protestors of the 1970s had the decency to actually look like they completely rejected consumerism- and not like they are about to star in an Adidas commercial.

I really think the Occupy Movement has failed to convey the real message- how we can change the distribution of wealth through consumer power.

I am all for rejecting wide-spread consumerism and that is why I started this blog, to draw people away from mass-produced clothing and to support local and boutique designers. I am also a big supporter of Fair Trade – letting the farmers and their communities have a bigger share of the profits, instead of it all going to large corporations.

I bet many of the Occupy Sydney “protestors” will be buying their friends’ and family’s gifts from the various Westfields across Sydney, or purchasing iTunes gift cards, or purchasing the various other i-Whatever products that come onto the market and somehow necessitate camping outside the Apple store from the night before (the only thing that should be queued for are concert tickets).

I challenge you this Christmas to think small – as in supporting small businesses. Think about supporting your local designers. Think about shopping at market stalls and also think about shopping on online businesses set up by stay at home mums.

My favourite “little” businesses to purchase gifts for friends and family from are:

I challenge you all to stay out of the Westfields and Apple stores this Christmas.

Your friend in fashion,

Miss Midge

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  1. Hi Miss Midge,

    finally someone who thinks exactly like me. For the past two years I have taken on this challenge... only shop from small businesses, markets, etc for Christmas, and I try to do it for birthdays as well. Where else can you get something original and different, than in a local small business? Comparing this to a McWestfield?

    My favourite shop to purchase children's toys from:

    run by a cute little Russian guy and his wife. He really knows his product and has great customer service. Almost everything in his shop will be difficult to find elsewhere.