Monday, 7 November 2011

An Afternoon of Pin-up Perfection with Sydney's Fabulous Miss Lucy Topp

I have always thought that 1940s and 1950s make-up (generically referred to as "pin-up" make-up) - with the flawless skin, the bright red lips and the perfect black eyeliner - is the epitome of refined and timeless sex appeal.

The three things that I love about the make-up from this era is that:
  • It concentrates more on accentuating the features than matching the make-up with what you are wearing so it is cost-effective as you do not have to own 101 different coloured eyeshadows and lipsticks;
  • It looks great with any outfit from khaki pants and a t-shirt (aka 1990's Gwen Stefani) to a sleek suit or work dress for the office; and,
  • It makes you feel just that little bit fabulous.   
Despite my love of this style of make-up, I must confess that I have never been great at applying it. My skin never looks flawless, my red lips bleed and my eyeliner is always uneven.

For months I had been trying to find somewhere in Sydney where I could learn the tricks of perfecting my pin-up make-up skills. I didn't want just any generic make-up counter at Myer or David Jones as they are usually more interested in trying to sell you hundred's of dollars of product as opposed to actually teaching you make-up skills or they have their own key looks for the season and are not interested in teaching you anything "outside the box".  Luckily I found Miss Lucy Topp (pictured above).
Miss Lucy is a Sydney based make-up artist that not only specialises in bridal, catwalk, special occasion and fashion photography make-up services, but she has had a long involvement in Sydney's vintage scene from doing make-up for pin-up photographers and holding pin-up make-up and hair workshops at her home and at various vintage fairs across Sydney.

A few weeks ago I had a three hour pin-up hair and make-up lesson with Miss Lucy at her Sydney home. It was three hours well spent! I learnt more about make-up application on this occasion than I had in the last twelve years of trying to teach myself.

Miss Lucy carefully went through foundation and concealer application, how to apply the perfect pink blush, how to get your eyeliner even (at last!!), how to set your hair to create vintage curls, how to create victory rolls, and how to master the perfect red lips (that don't bleed!).

One of the many great things about Miss Lucy is that she has not pledged her allegiance to any particular make-up brand so she is impartial when she recommends any products that would be of assistance in creating your desired look.  Since this lesson, I have been able to confidently re-create the look that Miss Lucy showed me.

 I highly recommend that you head over to Miss Lucy's website ( and consider booking yourself in for a make-up lesson.

Your friend in fashion,

Miss Midge


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  1. Dear Miss Midge,

    I too can recommend Miss Lucy Topp. What a fantastic lady! She has created the make up and looks for so many fabulous photo shoots of mine, and is an absolute pleasure to work with! I am thinking of getting a lesson with her too!