Thursday, 24 November 2011

Miss Midge's Guide to the Ultimate Christmas Party Dresses

It may be social-acceptable to refer to Christmas as the time of giving, but it is really the time to be frocking up and going out to as many fabulous parties that are humanly able to be scheduled.

Below I showcase my favourite outfits for this time of year to suit each side of your personality.

Miss Sophisticated

Miss Sophisticated has admired the finer things in life ever since she was playing with her silver Tiffany's baby rattle. She is confident and demands attention. She would not be caught dead in the same dress as someone else.

The Dress
Yoshi Jones Red Silk Dress with Obi Feature $415 -
D141 - Red Silk Dress with Obi Feature 

Perfect For . . . .
Formal dinner parties, work parties, client functions, and cocktail functions. Generally, for proving that you are more dignified than last year. After all, countless Jello shots and waking up on your colleague's bathroom floor was so Christmas 2010.

Perfect With . . . .
Strappy black heels and a black beaded clutch.
Miss Flower Fashionista

Miss Flower Fashionista likes nature and flowers – so long as they come in a vase or feature on a print designed by an upcoming boutique designer. She also has a social conscious- supporting up and coming designers counts as philanthropy, right?

The Dress
Penelope Red Hibiscus Wrap Around Halter Dress $200 -

 Hibiscus Wrap Around Halter Dress, Printed Cotton Summer Dress w A-line Knee Length Skirt, Gathered Halter Neck, Big Bright Flowers.
Perfect For. . . .
Daytime lunch engagements, an informal cocktail/work party and anything with the partner’s family.

Perfect With. . . .
Red, bronze or black accessories depending on the function.

Miss Innocent

Miss Innocent tries her utmost to be a wallflower. But who could not notice that cheeky smile?

The Dress
Elise Red Silk Dress with Blue Cherries $160

Perfect For. . . .
Lunch engagements, work parties and after work drinks with friends.

Perfect With. . . .
Bright cobalt blue suede pumps or ballet flats depending on the occasion.

Miss Sweetheart

Butter would not melt in the mouth of Miss Sweetheart. She is just the right balance of classic femininity and contemporary cool.

The Dress
Beverly Dress in Coco Rose by Heartbreaker USD$104
Corrine Pruette (Photo: , MUAH: Heather Moss)

Perfect For. . . .
Lunch engagements, work parties, after work drinks with friends and anything with the partner’s family.

Perfect With. . . .
White, cream or baby pink accessories.

Miss Sex Kitten

Miss Sex Kitten is hardly subtle about what she wants. She may only appear a few times a year, but when she does – watch out! She definitely takes no prisoners.

The Dress
Bardot Tight Dress by Hot Couture $190

Perfect For. . . .
Reminding the office hunk that you are all female.

Perfect With. . . .
Sky-high black peep toe pumps and a black clutch.

Your friend in fashion,

Miss Midge


Labels We Love: Heartbreaker Fashion

I just adore vintage reproduction clothing and I thought that I'd share my favourite vintage inspired label with you all.

What I love about Heartbreaker Fashion is that it was originally a home business established my a mother and daugther team (Teresa and Amanda Becker) in California. They have now moved into factory premises, but have never substituted using high quality fabrics or workmanship. The garments are manufactured on-site so you can be guaranteed that no sweat shop labour is being used.

I first bought a couple of Heartbreaker dresses about two years ago. Prior to that, I really wasn't a dress girl. I basically lived in jeans, a nice top and heels or ballet flats. Looking back, I realise how unflattering that combination was on me- not too mention being the epitome of mainstream.

Most of the Heartbreaker dresses are A-line which are incredibly flattering and they look good on either  skinny or curvy girls alike. I love the patterns- you will not see anyone else wearing the same pattern unless it's from Heartbreaker as well. I always receive so many compliments when I'm rocking it out in a Heartbreaker dress.

It doesn't have to be a special event to wear a Heartbreaker dress. We have plain clothing Fridays at work so I am always wearing my Cherry Sweetie dress or one of my many Diner Dresses with ballet flats. I wear my Heartbreaker dresses when I go out shopping, to the movies or out to dinner. You can dress up your Heartbreaker dress as much as you want. They look great with high heeled mary-janes and red lips for that special occasion.

Below are just a small selection of the Heartbreaker dresses that I own:

Bernie Dexter Sweetie Dress in Black Badabing Cherry

Ludella Hahn ( Dress in Red Gingham (I wear it with red patent pumps, a red clutch and full 1950's make-up for a night out)

Diner Dress -BlackDiner Dress in Black (I also have it in Red)

Photo: kristincofer.comAimee Dress in Black

Ludella Hahn ( Dress (I have it in a beautiful bright blue)

Andrea VanLandingham  (  muah: Raquel Perez)Fifi Dress (I don't have this pattern but two discontinued patterns)

I highly recommend hoping over to the Heartbreaker Fashion website ( to view their full product range which includes formal event dress, tops, accessories, skirts and whatever else your little vintage heart desires.

Also on their website is a list of Australian stockists. I have purchased a majority of my Heartbreaker dresses from Hoola Hoop in Braidwood which is a great little family business about an hour out of Canberra. However, they have an online shop and express post purchases out straight away.

If anyone has any Heartbreaker dresses, I would love for you to tell me which ones and what you wear them with.

Your friend in fashion,

Miss Midge

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Go Occupy Yourself This Christmas

For the last few weeks, the news has focussed on the Occupy Wall Street/Sydney/Melbourne/Where Ever Else Movement.

To give a dumbed down version of the philosophy behind Occupy Sydney, people are trying to reclaim power from the super-rich 1% of the population by sitting in Martin Place with placards. Effective . . . . . . .

Oh, there are so many things that bug me about Occupy Sydney Movement as well as the Movement in general.

Firstly, I hate the fact that the “protestors” yell at corporate types like myself on my way to work because I am wearing a suit and therefore I must embody everything that is evil in this world (well... I actually do, but for entirely different reasons). 

The truth is I gave up 6 years of my life to study at university whilst my other friends worked menial jobs and went out drinking every weekend. I still make sacrifices to work the hours that I do (mainly sleep, social life and putting off breeding for as long as possible). People like me made sacrifices to get where we are and that is why motivated, commercial minded people are running the world- not the Arts students.

So protestors, if you are going to judge a book by its cover, first spend a day in my (fabulous but painful) shoes.

The other thing that really bugs me about Occupy Sydney, is that the “protestors” are “protesting” in their mass-produced clothing. At least the protestors of the 1970s had the decency to actually look like they completely rejected consumerism- and not like they are about to star in an Adidas commercial.

I really think the Occupy Movement has failed to convey the real message- how we can change the distribution of wealth through consumer power.

I am all for rejecting wide-spread consumerism and that is why I started this blog, to draw people away from mass-produced clothing and to support local and boutique designers. I am also a big supporter of Fair Trade – letting the farmers and their communities have a bigger share of the profits, instead of it all going to large corporations.

I bet many of the Occupy Sydney “protestors” will be buying their friends’ and family’s gifts from the various Westfields across Sydney, or purchasing iTunes gift cards, or purchasing the various other i-Whatever products that come onto the market and somehow necessitate camping outside the Apple store from the night before (the only thing that should be queued for are concert tickets).

I challenge you this Christmas to think small – as in supporting small businesses. Think about supporting your local designers. Think about shopping at market stalls and also think about shopping on online businesses set up by stay at home mums.

My favourite “little” businesses to purchase gifts for friends and family from are:

I challenge you all to stay out of the Westfields and Apple stores this Christmas.

Your friend in fashion,

Miss Midge

Monday, 7 November 2011

An Afternoon of Pin-up Perfection with Sydney's Fabulous Miss Lucy Topp

I have always thought that 1940s and 1950s make-up (generically referred to as "pin-up" make-up) - with the flawless skin, the bright red lips and the perfect black eyeliner - is the epitome of refined and timeless sex appeal.

The three things that I love about the make-up from this era is that:
  • It concentrates more on accentuating the features than matching the make-up with what you are wearing so it is cost-effective as you do not have to own 101 different coloured eyeshadows and lipsticks;
  • It looks great with any outfit from khaki pants and a t-shirt (aka 1990's Gwen Stefani) to a sleek suit or work dress for the office; and,
  • It makes you feel just that little bit fabulous.   
Despite my love of this style of make-up, I must confess that I have never been great at applying it. My skin never looks flawless, my red lips bleed and my eyeliner is always uneven.

For months I had been trying to find somewhere in Sydney where I could learn the tricks of perfecting my pin-up make-up skills. I didn't want just any generic make-up counter at Myer or David Jones as they are usually more interested in trying to sell you hundred's of dollars of product as opposed to actually teaching you make-up skills or they have their own key looks for the season and are not interested in teaching you anything "outside the box".  Luckily I found Miss Lucy Topp (pictured above).
Miss Lucy is a Sydney based make-up artist that not only specialises in bridal, catwalk, special occasion and fashion photography make-up services, but she has had a long involvement in Sydney's vintage scene from doing make-up for pin-up photographers and holding pin-up make-up and hair workshops at her home and at various vintage fairs across Sydney.

A few weeks ago I had a three hour pin-up hair and make-up lesson with Miss Lucy at her Sydney home. It was three hours well spent! I learnt more about make-up application on this occasion than I had in the last twelve years of trying to teach myself.

Miss Lucy carefully went through foundation and concealer application, how to apply the perfect pink blush, how to get your eyeliner even (at last!!), how to set your hair to create vintage curls, how to create victory rolls, and how to master the perfect red lips (that don't bleed!).

One of the many great things about Miss Lucy is that she has not pledged her allegiance to any particular make-up brand so she is impartial when she recommends any products that would be of assistance in creating your desired look.  Since this lesson, I have been able to confidently re-create the look that Miss Lucy showed me.

 I highly recommend that you head over to Miss Lucy's website ( and consider booking yourself in for a make-up lesson.

Your friend in fashion,

Miss Midge


Sunday, 6 November 2011

Rock 'n' Roll Alternative Christmas Markets: Sunday 27 November 2011

Calling all Greasers and Pink Ladies!

The Sydney Rock 'n Roll & Alternative Christmas Markets are on Sunday 27 November 2011. 

These markets are a must for all those after great vintage, rock'n'roll, burlesque, ska and alternate clothing and accessories or those in the mood to jive to a few cool tunes or have a pin-up makeover (sign me up!!). It is the perfect time to pick up those unique Christmas gifts.


Jets Sports Club, 2 Holbeach Ave, Tempe NSW.
Catch the 422 bus from Newtown Station, or take a 10 minute stroll from Wolli Creek or Tempe Train Stations.


Market Stalls are open from 11:00am - 4.30pm
Music from 11.30am - 5.15pm

Entry Cost

Entry by gold coin donation.

Your friend in fashion,

Miss Midge