Thursday, 15 September 2011

A Lesson about Reaching for the Stars with Lotus Mendes Designer Victoria Cheatham

We all have a dream, but not many of us are brave enough to pursue that dream.

This is certainty not true of Lotus Mendes designer, Victoria Cheatham. I had the opportunity to hear Victoria speak at my college yesterday. Can I just say, this is one truly inspirational and determined lady. She is also a designer to keep your eye on for Spring/Summer 2011.

Like most of us creative types, Victoria had a hobby that subsumed most of her spare time since high school.  Her hobby was jewelry making. Victoria spoke about going to Vinnies and purchasing pieces of jewelry. She would then stare at these pieces for hours before dismantling each piece and reconstructing them with a contemporary twist.

After high school, Victoria went to university but found that it was not fulfilling so she went overseas. After a couple of years, Victoria came back to Australia and finished university but still did not have a sense that she had found her place in the universe. Despite working various jobs in different industries and completing further studies, Victoria still knew that there was something missing. 

It never dawned on Victoria at an earlier stage that she was destined to be a jewelry designer. But seeing how passionate she was talking about her own label, that showed at Sydney Fashion Week this year, you wonder how she would have ever been happy doing anything else.  

Lotus Mendes pays homage to the warrior women within all of us. Despite taking 12 years to launch, Victoria never gave up hope of pursuing her dreams. With her goddess rings recently featuring in Grazia and InStyle magazine, all her hard work has truly paid off.

Victoria's designs can be found at Fringe Bar markets and on the Lotus Mendes website (

Your friend in fashion,

Miss Midge

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