Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Why . . . . hello there!

Welcome fellow fashionistas and trend-setters,

My name is Miss Midge and I am just a regular Sydney fashionista who wanted to create a blog to share my fashion-related purchases, thoughts, trials and tribulations (and not to forget- a bit of bitching) with all my fellow fashion-obsessed peers.

Although I am a lover of all the finer things in life (including Ferragamo Varina flats, Coach sunglasses and just about anything Chanel), I have a deep love of vintage items and finding great emerging designers (think Bondi Beach Markets and Paddington Markets). I have an utter disdain of “fast fashion” (think cheap and nasty clothing made of poor quality fabric aka Dotti, Supre, Sportsgirl and the like).

This blog will show you how to find great vintage pieces and how to style them into jaw-dropping outfits; share details of fabulous markets and emerging designers that I have stumbled upon in my travels for the next perfect outfit; review current trends and seasonal “must haves”; and discuss celebrity fashions.

So may you raise your glasses (of Moet in your perfectly manicured hands) and toast to living the rest of your life in absolutely fabulous clothes.

Your friend in fashion,

Miss Midge.

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