Saturday, 22 October 2011

The Most Amazing Way of Creating Vintage Curls

This may just have to be the most amazing and hassle free method of creating vintage curls.

This gorgeous doll only uses an elastic headband, setting spray, a brush and hairspray to create the most gorgeous vintage curls- no heat and no rollers! It involves wrapping your hair around the elastic head band that is placed around your head and across your forehead (think hippie flower child). The hair is then wrapped around the headband and looks like a style in its self! She says that you can go out during the day with your hair wrapped around the headband and then take it out for gorgeous curls in the night- or do it at night for gorgeous curls in the morning.

The fantastic thing about this method is how quick it is. It genuinely should not take more than 5-7 minutes to wrap around the band and about the same to unwrap and brush out.

I think our days of pin curling and heated rollers are over!

Check out this video by thelipstickdiaries and her other videos on YouTube.

Your friend in fashion,

Miss Midge

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